About Me

Ondeng is My late Dads name,he named me Margaret. So everyday I strive to make him proud.

I am a Software Engineer by profession. Until 10 months ago i was writing code(day and night lol),but i made the big  move to product management and I currently work at DPO Group, as PM ,Mobile Money Integrations. I am passionate about Fintech, I  sleep and eat mobile payments to be specific.

I dropped out of my Masters Class at the University of Nairobi, don’t ask me why, but i have plans of going back and finishing what i started and getting that Computational Intelligence Msc.

Outside school and work,I  read a lot , from Chimamanda’s Half of a Yellow Sun,to Hillary Clinton’s What happened(will share my list soon). I am a mentor and I work with organisations like Kamilimu and Akirachix. I also speak a lot about Women and Technology, mentorship, Fintech, Design Thinking and once in a while I am a tough Judge(globally recognised by Technovation Challenge). I also like doing things that i would’t do twice, i mean things do to with adrenaline rush. So don’t ask me to go back to Kereita for Ziplining again.

Some people think I am shy, others think am not, whatever they think doesn’t stop me from knowing that I am a great person, and even though i suck at writing,I am here to share my life experiences hoping to inspire someone.

Enjoy reading.